Maternity clothing can be tricky. Sometimes it makes you look like a walking tent, and other times it can be so tight that is shows every lump and bump you don’t want the world to see. However, with PinkBlush you can find stylish maternity clothing that is flattering to your shape (even as that shape gets bigger… and bigger).

I am generally not a “long dress” kind of girl. I can count on one hand how many full-length dress I have owned since my high school prom. I believe that number is 3: my wedding dress, a maxi dress I wore while in Hawaii, and this dress! However, I have always admired those stunning maternity photos featuring maxi dresses. That was why I was so excited when PinkBlush gifted me this maternity dress!


I love empire waist dresses and tunics, so this dress was right up my alley. While I don’t wear a lot of pink or red, this burgundy color (or as I call it, raspberry) appears a lot in my wardrobe. I have always been drawn to it. For some reason with my son I got it in my mind since I was having a boy I had to wear “boy” colors for my baby shower and maternity photos. This time around I feel the opposite. I feel the need to be in “girl” colors, and seeing as pink doesn’t really compliment how (ghostly) pale I am, this burgundy color is perfect!


If you want this dress for your own, want to see what other colors it comes in, or for other stylish finds (maternity, women’s, plus, and kids) check them out by clicking: maternity dress!


Thank you again, PinkBlush for this beautiful dress!

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