We love to do themed projects at our house! When I ask Jasper if he wants to do a project, he is always super excited. I am so glad he loves to learn!

I have a degree in education. However, I graduated from college around the time many school were losing funding and letting teachers go. For this reason, I spent a few years at a daycare as their lead School Age teacher.

Jasper helping with packing.

In the Fall of 2016 we learned that we would be moving our little family 3700 miles from Southern Illinois to Anchorage, Alaska! I was both excited and scared. I had lived in the same small town my entire life, as had my father, and his father, and his father… and his father. However, I was ready for a change!

My husband had to report for his new job in less than a month. He moved to Alaska at the beginning of December, 2016. My son, Jasper and I packed up everything we owned, and followed in January of 2017.