Up to this point we had always gotten the little kits at the store to dye eggs with. However, I had failed to pick one up before this virus stuff started happening and they don’t seem to be a Click List option. I know there were other options out there for dyeing eggs and so to Pinterest I went! We had everything in the house to complete Fizzing Easter Eggs so this is what I chose!

I started by mixing our “dyes”. I put about 2 tbsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of water and a few drops of food coloring into each try. Then I mixed them together with a paintbrush. You want this mixture to be thick. The thicker the mixture the better chemical reaction you will get!20200411_140443
We all got to painting! We tried to put as much of the dyeing paste onto the eggs as possible, in hopes of creating a larger chemical reaction. The longer you leave the paste on the eggs, the darker the dye will be. Once we were done painting all the eggs Jasper placed them, one at a time on the tray and sprayed vinegar over them!
Jasper enjoyed this project so much he asked to paint all the eggs a second time!

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