Here I will share our recent, but nonetheless stressful journey with eczema. I know that some people struggle with eczema for years. I also know that I have been very blessed in having mom friends who can suggest idea or products that I would never have thought of myself.


Before Autumn started showing signs of eczema I had had no experience with it. I knew that my husband suffered from eczema as a child, but I also knew that he had grown out of it. Jasper never had more than a bit of dry skin during the winter. However, from just a few months old Autumn had small patches of what we assumed was eczema on her ankles. As she got older, the eczema seemed to spread. One day it appeared on her arms, chest, and back. I initially thought it was an allergic reaction. However, her pediatrician’s

Look at her poor, bumpy, red cheeks! 😦

office knew it was eczema and suggested Aquaphor. That seemed to take care of the problem. Then suddenly the eczema spread to her face. We used the Aquaphor to no avail. We took her into the pediatrician’s office again and they suggested hydrocortisone. However, after using the hydrocortisone for almost a week, and seeing no improvement I wanted to try something else. That was went I was first told about Goat Milk Stuff.

A friend of mine told me about how Goat Milk Stuff had a lotion that she used on her daughter’s eczema and that it was the only product that made any difference. Personally I think all natural cures are good in their own way, but I usually rely on a doctor’s recommendation. However, when the doctor’s recommendations had failed me, and it seemed likely that the next step would be them giving my infant some sort of prescription, probably a steroid, I was more than open to see if my friends experience could be reproduced!


I don’t know if you will believe this, because even to me it seems a little farfetched. However, within hours of first applying the Goat Milk Stuff lotion to Autumn’s face her eczema had improved! I was stunned. I have never seen a product work so fast! Within a week the eczema was about 95% gone!

Before and After
The redness in the first photo isn’t from the cold! That is all eczema. The photo doesn’t due justice to how bad it was. The second photo was just a few weeks later, after using Goat Milk Stuff lotion on her face during every diaper change!

I was blown away by how well the Goat Milk Stuff lotion worked for my daughter’s eczema. So I was excited to be given the chance to try other Goat Milk Stuff items! We have now tried out the Goat Milk Stuff lotion, soap, lip balm, and deodorant. All of these products smell amazing, whether they have added scents or not! Besides the unscented lotion, my favorite product has to be the citrus tea deodorant. The scent lasts throughout the day and smells so good!

Goat Milk Stuff is a business created from one moms desire to provide her children with a healthy alternative to the chemical laden products that stock most store shelves. I LOVE how the Jonas family describes themselves as a “God-loving, hard-working, ever-learning family.” I feel that I can relate to this so well! It is amazing that PJ Jonas wasn’t even aware of the effect that goat milk skin care products would have on skin conditions like eczema. Then customer started contacting her with stories of her products relieving eczema symptoms. These products have truly been a godsend to us at a time when I wasn’t sure where to turn next.


One feature that I loved on the Goat Milk Stuff website was the skin types suggestion link! There aren’t only suggested products for eczema! They also have products that have been shown to help people with psoriasis, acne, rosacea, keratosis pilaris, and those going through chemotherapy/radiation. There are products suggested for women during pregnancy. In addition there are products for almost any skin type such as: oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, baby skin, facial skin, mature skin, and non-problem skin. If you have a skin problem, they have a goat milk skin care product that may help!

Jonas makes the valid point that most people are still using water based soaps. However, raw goat milk has many benefits that you can’t find in water based products. Among many other amazing properties, goat milk contains vitamin A, alpha hydroxy acids, and selenium. If you research these materials you will quickly find why goat milk is so great for skin!

I am simply stunned by how well the Goat Milk Stuff lotion worked for my daughter, when the items recommended by her pediatrician did little to nothing to improve her condition. I suppose thousands of testimonials don’t lie. We have been blessed to have tried so many Goat Milk Stuff products! I think in our next order I will be trying out the Bath Fizzies, and over the summer I am interested to try their Bug Out line!


Are you interested in learning more about Goat Milk Stuff or visiting their farm? Checkout their website at: ! In addition you can find links to their Live Goat Cam and even purchase a 2020 Goat Calendar!

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