During Alaskan fall and spring we have the unfortunate reality that children need to wear gloves to stay warm outside. However, we then encounter the problem that most gloves quickly become soaked in our endless puddles or soggy snow. Jan and Jul Waterproof Mittens solve this issue!


These mittens come in sizes XS-Large and are fleece lined! They offer two areas to tighten, ensuring that they stay on, in addition to being waterproof, windproof and soil repellent!

We have now owned three different pairs of these gloves and that is not because they have worn out! All pairs of these mittens still work great, even though one is going on its third winter! The first pair we got, Jasper grew out of. A younger friend is now wearing them! The other two pairs we have because I love to having options when dressing Jasper. These mittens accommodate this so well because they come in 11 different colors/patterns!


Not only are these mittens great for winter, they are amazing for the soggy weather that is typical of spring and fall in Alaska! These mittens work so well that Jasper has used them to play in Eagle River during break up! I have yet to find another pair of mittens that are warm enough or waterproof enough to allow children to explore in icy rivers!

Good gear is very important when your facing Alaskan weather. I have recommend Jan and Jul mittens more than any other type of outdoor gear. They are the gear item that we get the most use out of!


You can order Jan and Jul Mittens at: www.janandjul.com (use code JASPER10 to save!) or on Amazon!

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