When I first saw the FlyingKids Maps I thought they were so fun! They are brightly colored and have little images that show things or places different regions/states are known for. I have been working with my son for awhile now to locate the 50 States on a map. The FlyingKids Maps is a great tool to help him learn his US geography!


Something I didn’t notice before receiving the product was that there were lines on each map where children can write places they have visited and places they want to visit. My son LOVED this. Jasper was so interested in the tornado image on the state of Kansas. Now he wants nothing more than to visit Kansas and “see a tornado statue.” He assures me that he DOES NOT want to see an actual tornado. In addition the images on the maps are helping him remember the states locations on the map. He can now locate Kansas on the map because he knows that’s where the tornado picture is. He remembers that Illinois has the jellybean (Cloud Gate sculpture) because I told him the elly-nois has a jellybean on it. In addition he recognizes the location of Iowa because he knows “that’s where we eat corn!”

I love how sturdy the material is that the maps are made from. However, the only problem that I have with the maps was when I unrolled them, the thick material did not want to flatten out so that I could hang them, it kept wanting to roll back up. I unrolled the maps placed some heavy books on them for a few hours. This enabled me to hang the maps. However, normal scotch tape or even masking tape wouldn’t keep them up. I had to use Command poster hanging strips to get the maps to stay on the wall. I am happy the maps are so sturdy. However, I do wish that they had come with materials to hang them.


My son is four and he loves the maps. However, I think much older children would enjoy the maps as well. They are very interactive. Jasper enjoys answering the questions on the maps, but he isn’t old enough to fill out the answers himself. I think he will still enjoying answering the same questions when he is older and can write on them himself.

For more information about the FlyingKids maps check out their Facebook, Instagram, or Website!

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