Jasper’s third birthday is upon us and I don’t know where the times has gone. He is so big and so smart. He can do so many things and is constantly impressing me. However, at the same time it makes me very sad to know that his baby years are past. This year we celebrated on his birthday, just the three of us at home. However, this coming weekend Jasper will have a birthday party. He has chosen a Monsters Inc theme and he is very excited for his birthday cake!

Just before his first birthday I began this project. I took a canvas and using painters tape I created a number one. Then I placed the canvas on the ground and allowed him to move the paint around as he pleased until the whole canvas was covered. I allowed the canvas to dry and then carefully removed the tape, leaving the print of a number one.



By his second birthday, he was more familiar with the process of painting.After taping off a number two over the number one of the previous year, I provided Jasper with a different color of paint. This year he also wanted painting tools. He excitedly covered the canvas again. He loves to pour paint and mix the colors. So he spend a good amount of time doing just that. Again, I allowed all of the paint to dry. Then I removed the tape, leaving the image of a number two on the canvas, yet still able to see parts of the original canvas beneath. In addition, still visible was pieces of the number one from the first time he painted the canvas.




This year I taped off the number three. Yet again, I provided Jasper with paint and painting tools. Just as last time, Jasper poured the paint all over the canvas. He really does enjoy moving the paint all over the canvas. Though sometimes I had to encourage him to cover areas that he wasn’t getting.





  • Canvas
  • Painters or Masking Tape
  • Paint
  • Painting Tools

I like to let Jasper use more than one shade of the same color. This gives the image more interest and depth. We will continue doing this project for the years to come. I plan to reach at lest the age of ten. If he wishes to continue past that I will let him. This is a very special piece of art to me. It will continue to grow as Jasper does, and yet we will still be able to see pieces of the art from the previous years.


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