Are you looking for some cute t-shirt designs? What about some twinning shirts so you can match your little one? Hop on over to Foxy Mountain and check out their gear!


We were introduced to Foxy Mountain apparel last fall. I was initially interested because


we had originally decorated Jasper’s nursery in a fox theme and we just love all things fox! In addition, we had recently become mountain dwellers.

The t-shirts we purchased are soft, comfortable and of high quality material. I have a long torso, so sometimes shirts seem to be too short on me. Not this t-shirt! It is long and I


love it! I also love the little compass that replaces the O! I absolutely adore the color of this t-shirt! Mine is heather navy but it also comes in five other colors!

I am not a big t-shirt wearer. However, since we moved to Alaska, my previous wardrobe has been less functional. I needed to find some cute, functional clothing and I found that in Foxy Mountain! It is so nice to have a cute shirt that allows me to twin with my son! You can order the adult sizes by clicking Here and the children’s sizes by clicking Here!


Jasper’s Camp Foxy Mountain hoddie is too cute! Not only does it fit well, but it lining is so soft! I think the design is beyond adorable! Jasper is pictured in the raglan black and gray colors. I love raglan designs! However, this hoodie does come in four other solid colors as well. You can order these hoddies by clicking Here!

I would say the only thing that I was disappointed with regarding Foxy Mountain was the long processing time. However, this is quite common with smaller businesses, and Foxy Mountain does state on their website that their orders will take up to three weeks to ship.


I suggest heading over to their website to check out some of their great designs! Also, keep an eye on their Instagram feed for some great sales!

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